Belgium. Oregon, USA

Another two prototypes ready for posting.

Calandale of YouTube stardom is one of the lucky recipients; I just hope that it provides enough ‘talking points’ for one of our esteemed community members.

Colours are truly coincidental

Another weekend of exceptional feedback from Padraic Burke, who continues to trim, sculpt, and whittle this little box of narratives.

Looking forward to – and humbled – to be providing another piece for The Player’s Aid soon, this time delving into the historical context of one of the many Event Cards.

Two More

One is Belgium-bound; Calandale is the other recipient.

Freshly Prepared

It has been an amazing process, and I cannot thank those along the way who have provided their support and their expertise on this journey.

There is still a long way to go – much testing remains…

But I think – and this is an important word – we are getting there.

Peace Talks & Ceasefire

I quite like these little dialogue tokens (from spotsandscreens on eBay); unsure that they’ll make it to production, but they do add an element of uniqueness.Now just to get the Ceasefire flags and the dialogue tokens painted white; and the ‘barracks’ painted tan. (I originally hoped for them to remain olive green, but there would be too much of a clash between the British Army and the Nationalist factions.Currently finalising the third and final part of my blog interview with ‘The Player’s Aid’ as well as Victory Conditions (really tough for one or two particular Factions). Awaiting components in order to ship the playtest copies.Exciting times!