PRD 2015-2016

What a year it has been!

I had my PRD meeting yesterday and it went well, aided by the fact that one of the key objectives was to complete my Masters-level study.

Whilst still finding my way within The Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning, I actually like the structure afforded by the MyGTCS site.

My focus this year is:

  1. The New Higher – development of course materials and assessments;
  2. Interdisciplinary Learning – plan, timetable and collaborate with the Science Department on presenting the Mars-themed S2 project April/May 2016;
  3. Single-gender Teaching & Learning – expand the scope of gender-specific support from classroom to community.

Item 3 will be aided by reading the Gary Wilson texts I recently purchased and – hoping – attending his event in Edinburgh, October 26th.


One thought on “PRD 2015-2016

  1. I am putting in the last of my training for the year at the moment and have this meeting ahead of me. Much like yourself, postgraduate study means I’m in no fear of falling short of hours.

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