Progress? PO, Finland & Malta

Successes so far?

Continuing in the hope of further study – and to provide additional supporting material for the GTC Professional Recognition application – I have been *real* busy with textual analysis.

I’ve been able to create dispersion plots for the occurrences of ‘I’ and ‘We’in one pupil’s work from the MSc.

What will be of interest will be testing the hypothesis: Student verb usage is more sophisticated when writing socially recounted actions in-game. Or something like that

I have successfully – with the help of others’ code – created files of POS tokens for both one science booklet and the aforementioned pupil’s work: I am pleased with this.

I have then run dispersion plotting – nouns and various verb tenses.

What I need to do now is to look for correlations between

What NN and NNPs from the science booklets need to appear in the pupils’ writing to evince their learning; and what verbs co-occur.



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