Stuffed Fables

SBoxThe first thing that strikes you is the sheer novelty of this game: the ‘board’ is actually a spiral-bound book.  And why not: at its very heart lies a very rich narrative into which the player assume a truly engaging role.

Classroom Play.png




Opening the book, the left-hand page contains the battlefield, a beautifully illustrated background overlaid with gridlines; the facing page contains the narrative and directions for the players.


Players assume one of the various stuffed toys who defend their owner, a little girl of seven who has just moved to her ‘big girls bed’ and who risks being wakened by the nightmares that emerge from under her bed, from parts of the her house…fight

Various dice are used to support a variety of player agency; players can earn rewards represented by gorgeous little coloured buttons. Players can carry or hold a variety of ‘weapons’ in their quest to defeat the minions and their bosses.


The figurines are truly grotesque – and that is NOT a criticism. They look appropriately more menacing when one considers that out there many hobbyists are applying colour to these gray plastic

We had four girls play the first section over four class periods (each period lasts 50 minutes). So, what did the students think?

“I thought it was too long”

“I enjoyed the storyline and the feelings changing from sad, scared & happy”

“It can be quite confusing but it is very fun to play. We have to help each other to get the blanket back(Using teamwork)”

“I liked the fact that we were all working together”

The bits and pieces [components] were very pretty and nice to hold and touch

“It has a good story”

more classroom play.png


– Immersive narrative.
– Beautiful and engaging artwork.
– Collaborative.

– Setup time.
– Play time.
– Saving game state.




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