Kids on Bikes RPG

Having had ‘Kids on Bikes’ on the radar for a few months, and having almost finished Season 1 of ‘Stranger Things‘ I made the plunge and purchased the basics: softcover version of the core rpg (although I would have preferred the hardcover since it comes with a sample campaign), a set of dice and the Powered Character Deck.

What is it?

Think E.T., Earth to Echo. The Three Investigators. Think kids from the 60s – 80s eras solving crimes.

And all without Wi-Fi.

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys may be other options (perhaps an all-female group may enjoy the former), but since I am more familiar with Jupiter Jones, Pet Crenshaw and Bob Jones I am going to look at the possibility of linking the narratives of the Three Investigators series with the Kids on Bikes system.

I shall be providing regular updates.

Time to dust down that old copy of ‘The Secret of Terror Castle’…


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