Today we played Catan! (Yes, what took us so long.)20190201_113418.jpg

My son is ‘enjoying’ a break from Fortnite so we unboxed last weekend and played just a couple of turns (it was late).

Both my S2 and S3 pupils enjoyed the simple symbols that allows you to quickly read the game and plan which resources you need in order to complete your next build.

It is a beautiful game. But it really comes into its own – like Gangs of Britannia and Tortuga – when players begin to make short-lived pacts – and then the discussions really begin, collaboration and competition ensue.

What Catan really has in its favour is quick setup and turn taking; there’s also the small footprint and therefore the board can fit on a single school desk. 20190201_113518

Tactile pieces, colourful aesthetics I am glad that we finally got this to the table.

We played enough turns for the pupils to be within touching distance of the ‘End Game’; the Maritime Trade was side-lined for the time being, which I like because you can play the game using increments rule inclusion.



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