New County Seat Graphic

New County Seat Region Graphic.

Armagh (B1). Post-1979 Westminster Elections.

Displays the Elected Unionist MP; Actual Unionist v Nationalist Electoral Ratio (2-1) Pawns; in-play Unionist and Nationalist presence (cube and base); IRA Base and Volunteer cubes v Loyalist cube. The ‘Landmines’ Capability has been in play since 1974.

Lots of information for the all six Faction players to mentally ‘crunch’, showing the frustratingly low ratios of the few closely contested areas from actual electoral data; each scenario will display regions with wildly disparate ratios, too…


New Map (Thanks to PDC Greenock Printers)

Double-sided map of Northern Ireland arrived the other evening: one side used for 1966-1983; one side for 1983-1998.Early days yet, but I’ll try and manage a dual-purpose single-sided version to support uninterrupted campaign play from 1966-1998.Plenty of mechanics being introduced to try an simulate as closely as possible the paramilitary activities that stretched into Mainland Europe, and the international complicity that funded the horrific terror that blighted so many ordinary and innocent people.And – pictured – I found it inconceivable not to introduce Nationalist and Unionist Political factions, taking this up to a six player game. Green and Orange represent a conglomerate of Nationalist and Unionist political parties.And I hope GMT like the ‘feel’ of these British Army bases I’m hoping to use during playtests.

First play-test

Just play-tested ‘The Troubles’, the cards from ‘1966 Nelson’s Pillar’ to ‘1970 General Election’. I’m no mathematician – and there will be some major balancing to do – but I’ve been really impressed with the historical narrative that unfolds with COIN-series games.

And that is why this type of simulation – complex as it may be – offers itself as a valuable educational tool.

Key events included: Battle of Bogside, Civil Rights March: Burntollet, Deployment of British Troops, UDR Act…

I’ve ordered some light blue cubes for the 1970 influx of UDR troops (represented by orange for now); I’ll also need to enlarge the map of Belfast.