What a Community!

What a WONDERFUL, KIND community we have.

Hans Goossens kindly sent this image today from Belgium. And Padraic Burke has been integral lately in the early redesign of key mechanics and Event Cards.

To think that we have individuals scattered across the globe giving their time and attention to our pursuit…

It’s simply staggering.

Special mention, too, to those vanguards at The Player’s Aid who champion the industry…

Thank you!

Trains etc

The Belfast to Dublin line was a precious economic target for Republican paramilitaries, primarily the IRA but also the INLA; two attacks related to this important rail-link feature on 1985 Event Cards.

Early Version Featuring Yellow Sticky Dots

I have attached an initial Economic Value of ‘4’ to the railway itself, with successful operations on associated stations – possibly – securing the insurgent faction the economic value of the county seat.

Railway Tracks

In the meantime I’ll think about extending this, conjuring perhaps more narrative ‘flavour’.

I’ve been running through the Setup spreadsheet trying to get a handle on set up values for each post-election phase: I’m keen on allowing participants to enter the play immediately after any General Election, mimicking the ‘Scenario’ features of A Distant Plain. And in doing so, I’m consolidating troop numbers, faction numbers and – importantly – civilian and other casualties; I have to have a physical way respectfully accomodating the death toll, and I need to provide an analogue to the increase in security forces.

And the number of Volunteers on each side is likely to increase.

I’m thinking of adding a Punishment Operation or Special Activity for IRA and LOY factions, providing them a way of removing Supergrass or members associated with Collusion; a route to the eradication of informants.

I’m hashing out an idea: swapping out cubes for octogons for the BF Troops, so that their flipped side designates airborne status. The border counties were particularly treacherous for the British Military – almost No-go areas – and the introduction of Helicopters circa 1974 is reflected as a BF Capability.

I’m pleased with The Player’s Aid coverage – it has allowed me to demonstrate the power of the COIN series in telling of their stories – and, in particular, the feedback from GMT themselves on the matter of narrative has been exceptionally positive.

Exceptionally positive!

Belgium. Oregon, USA

Another two prototypes ready for posting.

Calandale of YouTube stardom is one of the lucky recipients; I just hope that it provides enough ‘talking points’ for one of our esteemed community members.

Colours are truly coincidental

Another weekend of exceptional feedback from Padraic Burke, who continues to trim, sculpt, and whittle this little box of narratives.

Looking forward to – and humbled – to be providing another piece for The Player’s Aid soon, this time delving into the historical context of one of the many Event Cards.

Two More

One is Belgium-bound; Calandale is the other recipient.

Freshly Prepared

It has been an amazing process, and I cannot thank those along the way who have provided their support and their expertise on this journey.

There is still a long way to go – much testing remains…

But I think – and this is an important word – we are getting there.