PRD 2015-2016

What a year it has been!

I had my PRD meeting yesterday and it went well, aided by the fact that one of the key objectives was to complete my Masters-level study.

Whilst still finding my way within The Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning, I actually like the structure afforded by the MyGTCS site.

My focus this year is:

  1. The New Higher – development of course materials and assessments;
  2. Interdisciplinary Learning – plan, timetable and collaborate with the Science Department on presenting the Mars-themed S2 project April/May 2016;
  3. Single-gender Teaching & Learning – expand the scope of gender-specific support from classroom to community.

Item 3 will be aided by reading the Gary Wilson texts I recently purchased and – hoping – attending his event in Edinburgh, October 26th.


GTC – Professional Update

So, with the GTC’s Professional Update under-way – and not enrolled in any formal course of study – I have opted to utilise this blog as a way of recording and sharing my ongoing academic inquiry. No, I’m not one of the lucky ones picked for the current round of ‘inspection’, but I would like to continue my CPD in a more structured manner, and to get ready for when I become one of the candidates.